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Love Is All We Need

I was sitting on the couch, watching a documentary where friends drive and camp from Manali to Ladakh, that was the last chapter in Ladakh, a familiar place I have stayed for 2 weeks.

My dad came to the living room to grab something, he saw the scenery and asked where is this.


“Panggong Lake in Ladakh, I have been here, it’s very beautiful, the border of China”, I said.

“India is having a ‘war’ with China in Ladakh”, he speak.

With a surprised look, I was dumbfounded. It is such a beautiful place up North of India and I have friends there so I was concerned.

Fast forward to just 30 minutes ago, I saw a post from Deep of a young man photo said to be martyred along with a couple more soldiers during the tension period.

Deep’s words touched every cells of my heart as he said why such young men needed to experience this because of some political conflict.

Deep urged the awakening of the Divine Feminine and taking action to lead, which is an archetype where we all embodied within.

This structs deep into my heart, I cried, and ask myself, what can I play apart to this. How can I invite you & myself to start paying more attention to what is happening around us?

Most importantly, how can we be at peace with ourselves with the on-going inner dialogue?

And, what can we do together?

Yes, we can shed tears,

we can send blessings, prayers, love to people in need – sick, ill, tension, suffering.

And start empowering ourselves to be and do our best, one step at a time.

We are all interconnected, by taking care of yourself, is taking care of the humanity and Earth as a whole. Then, step out, speak up, reclaim our power to do what feels right to you.

First, please take good care of your health.

That would be the least yet powerful move to make a difference as it would inspire more to do so.

Love is always the answer,

Vic Qi

Published by Abbhya 阿比亚 Pan Vic Qi

One sharing and supporting unity consciousness

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