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I am here to support inner transformation by sharing what work best for me and co-creating A Quie Space to experience inner silence & sound (expression). Simply, if you need a listener or someone to cry, laugh, play, dance with, I am all in.

Welcome to my sharing and work on Silence & Sound at A Quie Space.

About Abhya

I am a nature lover grew up in the countryside of Malaysia. The initiator of A Quie Space, a co-creator of Reconnect & Recharge with soul sister Ca-Ryn & a co-inspirator with Dianna Lane to Dance Yourself Free for women.

Have a deep love to create content and artwork for self discovery and self-nourishing. I love to dance and perform. I love to host and facilitate. With a heart to serve, I bow to your Divinity. I see you.

[Read “Who am I?” and How Dancing Raise My Low Self Esteem.]

An adventurous-childlike lady from Malaysia, raised surrounded by nature, mountains, caves and rivers with different kinds of animals. 

My intention is to align, experience and completely be myself, so that others feel safe to be themselves too. The goal is to be authentic and inspire each other to co-create a harmonious Earth, starting from inner harmony.

Featured Work

Reconnect & Recharge Creations

Since October 2016’s The World Largest Eye Contact Experiment in Kuala Lumpur, she has been hosting around 45 public events and 30 online events since quarantine time in 2020 – focusing on inner alignment of body, mind and heart. Much love & gratitude to her co-creator- Ca-Ryn, collaborators and supporters of friends and family throughout the journey.

With Reconnect & Recharge, she has been facilitating events in health and wellness festivals, universities and nature retreats in Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur’s World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2017-2018, KL World’s Dance Day 2018-2019, MURFEST 2018, Urbanscapes 2018, Borneo Jazz Festival 2019, Inner Child Nature Retreat 2019, TEDx one-minute sharing 2019, Women Circles, Gift Circles in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore’s A Good Space.

Represented Malaysia and Asia for World Largest Eye Contact Experiment 2017 co-created with 150 cities around the world, she is the first co-host of Eye Contact Experiment and World Dance Day in Malaysia. And co-created a social experiment – “Social Carriage” experiment in Perth, Australia with The Liberators International. One of her proud achievements is to host and lead a group of 30 plus people to dance in the street of KL and KLCC in 2019.

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The World Biggest Eye Contact Experiment in Kuala Lumpur 2016

Past Experiences

Youth Awards 2015

Before she started her self-care initiative, she has experienced in leading 8 team members in a growing startup connecting universities and corporates. Her facilitation journey started as a Youth Coordinator of an annual event in Penang – Youth Jam 2014: Malaysia Largest Augmented Reality Hunt with an event management company. Spent most of her time working with universities and corporates for youth related events – Youth Awards 2015 etc.

She has been a facilitator of team building activities for International schools in Gopeng via rocks climbing, rope course, white water rafting, and team bonding activities. She also facilitated Workshops for Orang Asli (aborigines) kids and teenagers in peninsular Malaysia.

Be a Co-creator & A Friend

I am open for new friends, all kinds of creation, collaboration and experience.

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