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Preparing Gift

It has been an interesting journey, when we come to the end of May, never would I imagine life has turned out this way. Was it a reflection of me I wonder? That this outer manifestation, this physical reality, this outcome, is way out of how I thought 2020 would be.

Yet, I am grateful for whatever happened, everything happen is here to help you. Even I might feel lonely in the sense there is no one to share such realisation, though I totally understand why things happened in such way. To remind me that change is the only constant, people, things, situation shifts because that is how life flows.

I am only needing to take care of my own business. However uncomfortable for me, I would have to accept and respect everyone has their own journey to go through. Stop trying to control, fix or rescue anyone from their own course of life. Start empowering yourself to create your reality instead. Focus on who you are, what you can do and how you can make little changes in daily life.

Even though with lots of changes, however big or small it is, it all pointed me towards self reliance. A huge topic to discover, yet I wish to find out so I could fully experience it. And I learned a huge point on why things has not happen as we desired. It is simply because it was not meant to happen, just yet. It is not the time. There were tons of reasons why things should or should not work, but, which is the absolutely truth? Only we know, deeply within.

I can finally lift a huge responsibility on my shoulder to make things happen, shifting from working hard to force things happen to allowing life flow effortlessly. There are things meant to cease from existing, there are things meant to be created, why don’t we just enjoy the process of creation, knowing it will happen anyway. Probably only myself could understand this.

For teachers in my life, my partners, friends, and family, I have a gift for all of you, I wish to share before..

I want you to receive this, so it helps in riding through your life. It is up to you if you find no interest in practising it, but it is my wish to pass this to you. Probably not 100% pure, with lots of mix messages from others and collectively. I only wish you to know all you need is yourself, you trusting your inner GPS, instinct.

Looking to share to you in June 2020.

Before I sail, I choose to take a stop by the harbour, share my story.

Before I go Home, I choose to be distracted, share my joy.

Before I leave, I choose to take a breather, share my presence.

This is a gift, for you, my beloved you.


Much blessings,

Vic Qi

Published by Abbhya 阿比亚 Pan Vic Qi

One sharing and supporting unity consciousness

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